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GPC - Global Product Compliance

Knowing your registration obligations under Turkey REACH

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May 18, 2021, 11:30 (CEST)

Turkey REACH came into force on 23rd of June 2017 and has three phases for implementation. The second phase, which is the registration of KKDIK, started on 1 January 2021. To ensure your access to the Turkish Market, you as chemical manufacturers and exporters need to register substances under KKDIK by 31st December 2023.  Join registration is possible under KKDIK. Using the pre-registration numbers, enterprises can initiate the supply chain and SIEF communication for joint registration, taking advantage of the reduced costs and efforts for dossier preparation.

We invite you to this webinar and GPC will cover: 
•    Registration under KKDIK 
•    Roles of Only Representative 
•    Preparation for Joint-Registration
•    Compliance Strategy for KKDIK  

This is a free webinar event organized by CHEMEXCIL and GPC.  

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