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Asian Chemicals Forum

About the event

The Asian Chemicals Forum (ACF) is organized by the Regulatory Representatives and Managers Association (RRMA) and Helsinki Chemicals Forum (HCF) with the Global Product Compliance (GPC) Group as the knowledge partner and principal sponsor. The ACF conference will cover a wide range of topics related to safe chemical management and will engage 25+ expert speakers from governmental officials, industry leaders, NGOs, and academics from key regions and countries in Europe, Asia and the USA. The conference is expected to be attended by over 250 professionals.

Post Event Summary

Detailed ACF Report 2023 Summarized ACF Report 2023

Activity  Speaker Presentation
PFAS Masterclass Claudio Mereu Claudio Mereu - REACH Restrictions and PFAS.pdf
Pavel  Pavel_Claudio_''Helix Team''' PFAS Master Class New Delhi (5 September 2023).pdf
ECHA Training Session for Masterclass Erwin Annys Erwin Annys - Export to the EU.pdf
K-Reach Masterclass Dr. Jayachandran Nair K.REACH- ACF.pdf
Indian Regulations  Mr. Shisher Kumra ICMSR- ACF.pdf
Panel 1 Jacqueline Alvarez Jacqueline.pdf
Ravi Agrawal Ravi Agrawal - Panel 1.pdf
Niko Urho Niko Urho - Panel 1.pdf
Kenkichi Fujii Kenkichi Fujii -Panel1.pdf
Panel 2 Mr.Roberto Rinaldi Roberto Rinaldi - Panel 1.pdf
Mr.Claudio Mereu  Claudio Mereu - Panel 2 - CLP hazard classes and GHS.pdf
Mr.Eike Peltzer Eike Peltzer - Panel 2 - Topic of discussion.docx
Panel 3 Mr.Bob Diderich  Bob Diderich - Panel 3.pdf
Mr.Shisher Kumra Shisher Kumra_G20 Chemicals Regulatory Review.pdf
Mr.Sung Hyun Yim  Being compiled
Mr.Fabien Henry  Being compiled
Ms. Penchom Saetang Penchom Saetang - Panel 3.pdf

Event Video's

Day 1 :

Masterclass (Part. 1)
ECHA training session for Masterclass (Part. 2)

Masterclass (Part. 3)

Day 2 :

Inaugural Session

Panel 1 : What will the new UN Framework for Chemicals and Waste Management mean for Asia?

Panel 2: How to best tackle forever chemicals and endocrine disruptors? Worldwide views in response to EU´s classification proposals.

Panel 3 : What is the right management system for industrial and consumer chemicals in Asia?