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Chile - GHS Status

GHS Status

Focal point:

Ministry of Health with other ministries having regulatory competencies on specific substances (e.g. explosives: Ministry of Defence; Agricultural pesticides: Ministry of Agriculture; liquid and gaseous fuels: Ministry of Energy; dangerous goods: Ministry of Transport)

GHS implementation status

Transport of dangerous goods


For international transport of dangerous goods, see “Implementation through international legal instruments, recommendations, codes and guidelines”


In Chile, national transport of dangerous goods by road is regulated through decree 298/95 of the Ministry of Transport. It applies to dangerous goods as defined by national standards NCh382.Of89 and NCh2120/1 to 2120/9.Of 89, marked and labelled in accordance with the provisions of national standard NCh2190.Of93. These standards are based on the provisions of the 8th revised edition of the Model Regulations. Standards to which reference is made in a decree are mandatory.


Standard NCh382 has been updated in 2017 to take account of the provisions of the 19th revised edition of the Model Regulations. This version includes the provisions previously published in standards NCh2120/1 to 2120/9.Of 89. Standard NCh2190:2019 (Land transport of dangerous goods: hazard identification labels”) has been updated in 2019 and is based on the provisions of the 20th revised edition of the Model Regulations.

Other sectors:





Storage of hazardous substances is regulated through a regulation adopted in 2015 (D.S.43/15). It applies to hazardous substances as defined in standard NCh 382:2013 and identified in accordance with standard NCh 2190:2003. The regulation also refers to standard NCh 2245:2015 (Safety Data Sheets). Standards 382:2013 and 2190:2003 are aligned with the provisions of the 17th revised edition of the Model Regulations. Standard NCh382 has been updated in 2017 and Standard NCh 2120 in 2019.


On 9 February 2021, the ”Regulation on classification, labelling and notification of hazardous substances and mixtures” was published in the official Journal. The regulation implements Rev.7 of the GHS with the following transitional periods for implementation following its publication in the official journal:

  • For chemicals intended for industrial use: 1 year for substances and 4 years for mixtures;
  • For all other chemicals covered by the regulation: 2 years for substances and 6 years for mixtures