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Guatemala - GHS Status

GHS Status

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Ministry of Environment

GHS implementation status

Transport of dangerous goods


For international transport of dangerous goods, see “Implementation through international legal instruments, recommendations, codes and guidelines”

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Guatemala started in 2013-2014 the process of implementing the GHS as one of the tools included in the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) plan of implementation for the development of a rationalized approach for chemicals management. A project for the implementation of GHS financed by the Quick Start Programme of SAICM was initiated in 2013.

A Planning and Inception Workshop was held on 19-23 February 2014. As follow-up activities (from the legislative point of view) two governmental agreements (“Acuerdo gubernativo”), one for GHS implementation and another one for implementation of the UN Model Regulations on the Transport of dangerous goods, were foreseen. Other activities included the development of a national training strategy addressed to all sectors involved (industry, government and civil society).

No information on further progress has been made available since then.