GHS Report
Annual Reporting for all New and Existing substances is open for submission between 1st April 2020 and 30th September 2020.

The recent chemical regulation in Taiwan is called Toxic Chemicals and Concerned Substances Control Act (TCCSCA) and it enforced one January 1, 2020. The supplementing regulation for regulating substance registration, Regulation on New and Existing Chemical Substances, was published on March 11 2019. Manufacturers exporting to Taiwan have to comply with the TCCSCA. The compliance obligations are depending on types of substance and its quantity. 


Phase One Registration

Manufacturers / Importers, who manufacture/import existing chemical substances in an annual amount of 100 kilograms or more, should apply for the Phase One Registration within 6 months from the date of manufacture/import.


Standard Registration

Taiwan's EPA announced the first batch of Priority Existing Chemical (PEC) in which contains 106 substances. Companies manufacturing/importing PECs with a quantity above 1 TPA need to submit Standard Registration: 

  • Before December 31, 2024 (if the Phase One Registration Number received before January 1, 2020)
  • Before December 31, 2025 (if the Phase One registration Number received after January 1, 2020). 


Registration for New Chemicals

New Chemical Substances can be registered in three types: Standard registration (above 1 TPA), Simplified registration (between 100 kilograms to 1 TPA) and Small quantity registration (less than 100 kilograms). Companies need to submit their application 90 days before manufacturing or importing. 

Non-Taiwanese manufacturers not willing to disclose their product information to their Taiwanese clients (Importers) can ask the importers to nominate a Representative to fulfil their compliance and annual reporting obligations.  


GPC Taiwan can support you to comply with TCCSCA with following services: 

  • Phase One Registration of Existing Substance
  • New and existing substance (PECs) registration support 
  • Regulatory & compliance Submission to the IT system
  • Consortia communication
  • Communication with the competent regulatory authorities (TCSB)
  • Substance Sameness & Identification related follow up queries 
  • Certificate of compliance and tonnage coverage to the Buyers (on your behalf) 
  • Annual Report for all substances




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