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Chile became the first country in Latin America to impose a national chemical regulation in February 2021. Chile’s Ministry of Health released Decree 57, Regulation on Classification, Labeling, and Notification of Hazardous Chemicals and Mixtures on February 9, 2021, which formally implements GHS labelling for chemical products, however some products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food additives are excluded from the GHS requirement.

The new legislation targets manufacturers and importers of chemicals and dangerous substances that are not regulated by other regulations. Notifiers are requested to provide information on chemicals when dealing with 1 ton per year or above via the environmental authority portal. The notification is made on a biennial basis concerning the import or produced quantity every two years with the deadline on August 30th.

Decree 57 also outlines the compulsory compliance of GHS in the country, a standard until then has been voluntary. 




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