There is no chemical regulation in Mexico. In 2019, the General Health Council (CGS) proposed the Comprehensive National Policy for the Management of Chemical Substances. CHS’s proposal intended to put the burden of proof on companies to show that substances are safe; enable authorities to impose restrictions and bans on chemicals after an assessment; to impose obligations on producers or importing companies to provide regular information, etc. Expected to be submitted to Congress in 2020 and be approved by 2021, the bill is delayed.



Regulation of VOC Emissions in Mexico's Production Processes: A Step Towards Environmental Sustainability


In a significant move towards environmental sustainability, Mexico's Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has taken a proactive stan...

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Mexico's COFEPRIS Initiates Third Round of Registrations for SISUS to Track Chemical Substances


Mexico's Federal Commission Against Health Risks (COFEPRIS) has taken a significant step in ensuring the safe management and tracking of chemical...

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