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EPA to introduce rules for new substances PMNs and MCAN.

Jan-27-2023 Chemical industry US TSCA

On 2 December 2022, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a notification for chemical substances that are the subject of premanufacture notifications (PMNs) and Microbial Commercial Ac...

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EPA to change Reporting Requirements for PFAS and Supplier Notifications for Chemicals of Special Concern.

Jan-27-2023 Chemical industry PFAS

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has informed the WTO on changes in reporting requirements for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and supplier notifications for Chemicals of Specia...

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New York state set to ban the use of PFAS in clothing.

Jan-19-2023 Chemical industry PFAS

New York state is preparing to ban the use of PFAS chemicals in manufacturing apparel and clothing. The measure is set to take effect on the final day of 2023.  Bill (S 6291A/A 7063A) was signed i...

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US EPA proposes additional requirements in the supplier’s notification for PFASs and TRI chemicals of special concern.

Dec-22-2022 PFAS Substances of concern

On 5 December 2022, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) put forward a proposal of adding 180 Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) to the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) and expanding the ...

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Restrictions on dry-cleaning agent perchloroethylene in California from January 2022.

Dec-14-2022 Chemical industry US Hazcom US TSCA

According to California air standards, businesses have roughly one month to phase out perchloroethylene from dry cleaning operations, but more state- and federal-level actions over the solvent are exp...

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Chile’s route toward waste management and EPR

Dec-08-2022 EPR for electrical and electronics EPR for other products

The "Waste Management, Extended Producer Responsibility and Recycling Promotion" Bill No 20.920, popularly known as "The Bill" or "REP Bill," emphasizes waste generation reduction and recycling promot...

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Adhesives and sealants get modified VOC limits in Los Angeles California

Nov-23-2022 Chemical industry Green & sustainable chemistry Hazard assessment

A decision to modify the volatile organic compound (VOC) limits for certain adhesives and sealants has been made in Los Angeles. The decision is incorporated in the update to rule 1168 on VOC content ...

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