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Chile - News

Chile revises its list of hazardous substances to align with the GHS classification

Jan-25-2023 Chemical notification/ registration GHS Import/export restrictions Hazardous chemicals

The Chilean Ministry of Health has revised its import controls for hazardous substances, aiming to streamline some aspects of the process and align the list with the GHS classification system. The upd...

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Chile’s route toward waste management and EPR

Dec-09-2022 EPR for electrical and electronics EPR for other products

The "Waste Management, Extended Producer Responsibility and Recycling Promotion" Bill No 20.920, popularly known as "The Bill" or "REP Bill," emphasizes waste generation reduction and recycling promot...

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Deadline to notify hazardous substances or mixtures in Chile under new regulations   

Nov-11-2022 Product registration/ notification Registration Hazardous chemicals

Every two years manufacturers and importers of dangerous substances have to notify the environmental authority. The first notification deadline due on February 2024.  Any manufacturer or importer...

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Chile consults on overhaul of food additives legislation

Sep-09-2022 FCM GMP Human health exposure

The Chilean Ministry of Health opened, on 22 August, 2022, a consultation on proposed amendments to the Chilean Food Health Code. The proposals would completely modify Title III of the Code – which ...

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Chile adapts transport and storage legislation to new chemicals management framework

Aug-31-2022 Labelling Safety data sheets (SDSs) Chemical supply-chain Decree 1630

In 2019, Chile adopted Supreme Decree 57 (DS/57), on the Classification, Labelling and Notification of Chemical Substances. DS/57 seeks to comprehensively implement the UN GHS in Chile, as well as int...

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Resolution exemplifying packing material published in Chile

May-20-2022 EPR for packaging materials Packaging Product classification

The Chilean Ministry of Environment published on May 10, 2022, Resolution 240/2022 to better identify products that fall under packing materials and further indicate the corresponding categories. The ...

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Chile Shows How Its Notification System Will Work

Nov-05-2021 Chemical notification/ registration Chile Regulatory update

In September, Chile reaffirmed commitments with the Latin American Regulatory Cooperation Forum (LARCF), an association promoting dialogue and information exchange, training initiatives, a...

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