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Colombia Regulatory News

Colombia: Update your GHS to 6th revision from April 2023

Mar-22-2023 Chemical industry Chemical Framework

According to Colombia’s Resolution 0773/2021, chemical manufacturers exporting to Colombia need to be aware that the transition period for implementing GHS in the workplace finishes on 7 April 2023 ...

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Colombia released a registration platform for Chemical Registration

Nov-01-2022 Chemical industry Chemical notification/ registration Government incentives

From May 31, 2022, manufacturers and importers in Colombia have three years to register chemical substances for industrial use in the new digital application.   Colombia released a registration p...

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Transitional period for new agricultural pesticide registration process in Colombia

Sep-14-2022 PPP Registration

Colombia has updated its registration process and requirements for the registration of “chemical pesticides for agricultural use” (PQUA) in line with changes to Andean Community (CAN) legislation....

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Colombia joins to ban Single-Use Plastics

Jun-20-2022 Plastics Product restrictions / prohibitions Single-Use Plastics Directive

On July 1, 2022, the Colombian Congress had the last and most important discussion about plastics among products – and reached a consensus on an official prohibition of single-use plastics. The verd...

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Colombia Establishes a Notification Portal for Chemical Substances

Jun-20-2022 Annual Declaration Chemical inventory Chemical notification/ registration

On May 31, 2022, the Colombian Ministry of Commerce (MINCIT) officially launched the Online Portal for Chemical Substances for Industrial Use. The Online Portal will be the main instrument for the ind...

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Colombia Progresses on OECD Chemical Instruments

Apr-25-2022 Aerospace automotive & engineering Chemical industry Colombia

Colombia officially joined the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in April 2020 despite not complying with all instruments required by the organization at the time. In this ...

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Comprehensive Chemical Management Promulgated in Colombia

Dec-17-2021 Chemical inventory Chemical notification/ registration Colombia

After four years of drafting the framework, Colombia finally promulgated a robust chemical management regulation. Decree 1630, published on November 30, 2021, sets the ground for implementing a na...

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