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Eurasia Regulatory News

Ukraine aligns its chemical policy with the EU

May-09-2023 Chemical industry CLP Hazardous chemicals

Since Ukraine became an EU candidate in June last year the country has been working on aligning its chemical policy with EU REACH. Last December the country published the law on chemical safety and ma...

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Belarus updates rules for the water transport of dangerous goods.

Apr-05-2023 Chemical industry Government incentives Hazardous chemicals

Belarus has approved updated rules (Decree N.71) for the transport of dangerous goods on inland waterways, replacing a 2009 decree. The new rules, which take effect from 1 July, align with the UN Mode...

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Russia: EPR for waste is expected to be implemented in January 2025

Dec-06-2022 EPR for other products Government incentives Hazardous waste

Because most of household waste generated in Russia ends up on the landfills, the Russian authorities are now developing updated legislative mechanisms such as extended producer responsibility (ERP) f...

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Ukraine publishes a proposition to restrict triclosan lead and cadmium in food contact materials.

Sep-12-2022 Government incentives Human health exposure Packaging

Ukrainian Ministry of Health has published a draft proposal to ban the chemical triclosan in production of plastic and food contact materials. Triclosan is an anti-bacterial chemical commonly used in ...

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Entry into force Eurasia REACH postponed

Apr-29-2021 Chemical framework Eurasia REACH Chemical notification/registration

The entry into force date of Eurasia REACH has been postponed. The regulation was initially planned to come into force on 2nd June 2021.  This postpone is mainly due to the delay of the appro...

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Ukraine Notified Draft Chemical Regulation to the WTO

Mar-28-2021 Chemical framework Human health exposure Compliance strategy

The Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine has notified the draft resolution, On Approval of the Technical Regulation on Safety of Chemical Products, to the WTO. This dr...

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Updates on Eurasia REACH implementation.

Feb-18-2021 Eurasia REACH safer alternatives Substance & mixture classification

The Eurasian Economic Commission has published an updated draft of the 2nd tier of Eurasian Technical Regulation TR 041/2017 on “Safety of Chemical Products” (Eurasia REACH). The draft...

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