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India sets migration limits for antimony and DEHP for FCM

Sep-27-2022 Chemical industry FCM

On 31 August 2022 a regulation entitled “Food Safety and Standards (Packaging) Second Amendment Regulations, 2022.” was published and enforced by The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (...

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India updates Hydrogen Peroxide Quality Control Order

Aug-29-2022 Chemical industry India REACH Compliance strategy

On 24th, 2022, the Indian Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers published an order, replacing the Hydrogen Peroxide (Quality Control) Order 2020. The updated order applies to the chemical compound of ...

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India adopts the International Chemical Safety Cards to protect workers health and safety.

Aug-02-2022 Chemical industry Human health exposure Hazardous chemicals

In July 2022, the Indian Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Labour Organization (ILO) in order to adapt the International Chemical Safety...

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Deadlines for four BIS chemicals are postponed to early 2023

Aug-01-2022 BIS Product certification

On July 27, 2022, the Central Government of India announced the deadline for four chemical substances regulated by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Act (2016) will be posted. The chemicals and the...

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India to ban heavy metals in Dipentene

Jul-11-2022 Packaging Product restrictions / prohibitions Restricted use

A proposed amended standard that would prohibit the use of heavy metals in dipentene, which is used to make paints, enamel, lacquers, and polishes, is being discussed by India until July 25. The fo...

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India bans single-use plastics

Jun-30-2022 Permitting or licensing Product restrictions / prohibitions Single-Use Plastics Directive

Single-use plastics are plastic goods that are used once and then discarded. One of the largest percentages of plastic produced and used is single-use plastic, which includes food packaging, polythene...

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India consults on carbon tetrachloride standard

Jun-21-2022 BIS Solvents Test methods Hazardous chemicals

India holds a public consultation on a draft standard for carbon tetrachloride, which is widely used as a solvent and diluent. The deadline is June 28. The chemical is also used to make chlorofluor...

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