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India issues a trimethyl phosphite Quality Control Order

2022-05-09 Reference source : Indian Gazette

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On April 5, 2022, a Quality Control Order (QCO) for a national standard covering the intermediate trimethyl phosphite has been released in India. Published by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), manufacturers and importers of the substance must guarantee that it meets the standards given in Indian Standard (IS) 17412:2020 as of 5th October 2022.

At industrial locations and in production, trimethyl phosphite is utilised in formulation or repackaging.IS 17412:2020 (technical grade trimethyl phosphite) specifies the rules for using the material in products and other technical specifications. Under the BIS (Compliance Assessment) Regulations, 2018, enterprises manufacturing or importing trimethyl phosphite will need BIS certification to verify conformity and must display the BIS logo on all packaging starting in October.

The BIS Act of 2016 will penalise anyone who violates the QCO's provisions. However, this does not apply to items meant for export.

This new QCO came after the American Chemistry Council (ACC) chastised the Indian government for developing "antiquated, specific to the Indian market, and not based on worldwide norms" chemicals standards.

We acknowledge that the above information has been compiled from Indian Gazette.

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