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In Laos, the responsibility of managing chemical activities and coordinating various sectors to complete the management is mainly assigned to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) in accordance to the Law on Chemical Management No. 07/NA 2016. The law entitles MOIC to ensure the business operation and use of chemicals are efficient, effective, and safe to the health, life, property, environment and society. Besides, the Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts (DOIH) shares part of the implementation duties, which are specified in the supplement law, decision on the Registration of chemical agents, importation, exportation, and transit No. 1204/MOIC.DIH2020. In this law, industrial chemicals are classified into five categories. Rules for compliance either registration or notification apply according to the classification of chemicals.  

National Regulation  

Implementation officer(s)  






  • Decision on the List of Industrial Chemicals classified as Type I, II, III, and IV  

First version: 


Updated version: 


Ensure the business operation and use of chemicals efficient, effective, and safe to the health, life, property, environment and society which also contribute to the national economic and social sustainable development.  


Industrial (Non) hazardous chemicals 


Activities relating to radioactive substances and atomic energy 

Research, technology development, protection and prevention of danger, use in the national defense and public security activities 


1. Domestic and foreign individual, legal entity or organization undertaking chemical activities in Lao PDR 

2. Import, export and transit of chemicals in/to Lao PDR 

Compliance obligations 

  • Pre-registration 
  • Registration or notification according to the classification of chemicals (type 1-5) 


1. Chemical import request form 




Adoption of GHS 

Laos GDP has not yet adopted GHS. At the current stage, the instructions to arrange compliant packaging and labeling of chemicals are specified in the Law on Chemical Management No. 07/NA 2016 mentions.  

Chemical regulations from other ministries 

Ministry of Agriculture and Forests 

Law on Agriculture, 1998  

e.g. regulate the use and management of chemical fertilizers, insecticide, animal medicines 

Regulation on the Control of Pesticides in Lao PDR, 2010 

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment 

Environmental protection law 1999, 2012 

e.g. environmental protection against pollution and toxic chemicals control and waste disposal 

The law on water resource 1996, 2013, 2017  

e.g. determine protected water (no chemical substances in it) prevent water waste (with chemical mixed in it) 

Ministry of Public Works and Transport 

Land transport law, 1997, 2012 

e.g. transport of dangerous materials such as chemical substances 

Ministry of Public Health     



Law on food, 2004, 2013 

e.g. regulate the production, processing, and storage of food without toxic chemical substances and chemical traces  

Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts 

The law on the processing industry, 1999 

e.g. regulate the operation of chemical processing production factories