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Welcome to GPC Colombia - Regulation


Colombia has been advancing the national regulation on chemicals. In 2017, Colombia published the draft of Comprehensive Management of Industrial Chemicals and notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) about its most recent draft law in December 2020. Colombia announced the final publication in November 2021, and it is open for public participation till February 26, 2021. The Decree 1630 is the legal base for establishing a National Inventory and a Registry in the country. The Registry includes chemical substances identified as priorities or that can cause harm to people and the environment at the quantity of 100 kg or more.




National Regulation


In force – transitional period

Regulation name

Comprehensive management of industrial chemicals

Gestión integral de las sustancias químicas de uso industrial - link



Adopt mechanisms and other provisions for the comprehensive management of industrial chemicals, which are identified and classified as hazardous by the GHS


Implementation date

Issued on November 30, 2021. Awaiting official publication



Imported or produced hazardous substances



substance lists

Priority substances will be published in the future (known as The Registry)



There are 13 items exempted from compliance requirements. They are chemicals addressed by already existing regulations (e.g., pharmaceuticals and cosmetics), unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products or of biological materials (UVCB), impurities, articles, natural substances, substances resulting from environmental factors exposure, substances without commercial values, polymers and monomers, intermediaries, and substances in customs transit.



Producers and importers of substances ≥ 100 kg per annum


It is required to provide the following information:

·        substance annual production and import amount

·        substance identification, including CAS number

·        risk assessment and classification according to the GHS

·        identified substance uses

And to do the following:

·        follow SDS and label standards

·        submit information to the national inventory

·        design, implement and make public risk reduction and managements actions programs





Possibly, a new version will come out including aspects pointed by the public consultation

SDS / GHS Regulation


In force (GHS 6th revision) - transitional period

Regulation name


·        Decreto 1.496/2018 (general GHS) - link


·        Resolución 0773/2021| Ministry of labor - link

Implementation date


·        April 7, 2023 for substances

·        April 7, 2024 for mixtures




Implementation still depends on ministries to countersign the decree and publish resolutions. The Ministry of labor is the first to endorse a resolution.



Adoption of GHS

In 2018, Colombia was invited to join OECD as a full member and as a result of this member participation, Colombia adopted GHS 6th revision listed in Decree 1.496. The GHS implementation is sector-specific, i.e., ministries are responsible for its implementation. Currently, only the Ministry of Labor has endorsed the GHS through the Resolution 0773/2021. Resolution 0773/2021 leans on the European system of classification, labeling, and packaging of chemical substances (CLP) for chemicals in the country. The industry has 24 months and 36 months to comply with the changes in chemical substances and mixtures, respectively.