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Argentina - Regulation

National Service of Agricultural Food Health and Quality (SENASA), Argentina's pesticide management body, is in charge of pesticide registration oversight. Pesticides are inspected and tested by the national food inspection and quarantine bureau. Argentina's pesticide registration system needs a single registration licence for each pesticide. Furthermore, if a company wants to register a formulation, it must first register technical material. The Plant Protection Act (Law No. 4975) is the principal pesticide regulation.

A phytosanitary product must be registered in the National Register of Plant Therapeutics, either experimentally or commercially, in accordance with the provisions of Decree No 3489/58 and Decree No 5769/59, and in accordance with the Manual of Procedures, Criteria, and Scope for the Registration of Phytosanitary Products in the Argentine Republic, approved by Resolution SAGPYA No 350/99. The Fifth Edition of the MANUAL ON THE DEVELOPMENT AND USE OF FAO SPECIFICATIONS FOR PRODUCTS INTENDED FOR THE PROTECTION OF PLANTS is adopted for Argentina in the Resolution. This is a method of analysing enough scientific evidence to show that a product is useful for its intended purpose and poses no unreasonable dangers to human health or the environment. For product analysis, information on physical, chemical, toxicological, ecotoxicological, and waste properties must come from tests or studies conducted on phytosanitary products to be registered or their equivalents, according to internationally recognised protocols, such as the OECD Guidelines on acute oral toxicity, acute dermal toxicity, inhalation classification, dermal irritation, eye irritation, and skin sensitization.

A phytosanitary product presented to SENASA by a registrant that meets all the requirements set forth in the aforementioned Resolution No 350/99 receives a Certificate of Use and Marketing, allowing the product to be used for all of the purposes for which it was registered, as well as allowing the registrant to market it throughout the National Territory.

​A legal entity might be a person or a firm registered with the Department of Trade and Industry under the Company Act.​

Pesticides are only allowed to be registered if they are approved to be effective, safe, and of high quality.

For oversea manufacturers, they should appoint an Authorized Representative (AR).

To register pesticide it takes 8 days to complete the treatment.

Physical-chemical property determinations in phytosanitary products, phytotoxicity of oils and adjuvants, seed staining tests, and active ingredient identification and quantification assays.

- Typical turnaround time: 8 business days

- Extremely urgent: 5 business days

- Phytotoxicity determination: 15 business days

7-day processing time

Inorganic Contaminant Determination

Typical Time:

7 business days for one analysis

14 business days for two or three analyses

18 business days for more than three analyses


5 business days for one test

Two or three tests: 7 business days
More than three tests: 14 business days

Registration Process

GPC can help you with: 

  • Identification of compliance requirements under various guidelines including all data requirements.​
  • Data gap analysis and pre-assessment support​
  • Technical documentation support​
  • Pre and post-submission support and technical liaison with authorities.

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