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How can GPC help you with Eurasia REACH?

Russian inventory notification is ongoing!

Notification to the Russian Inventory has formally closed on 1st August 2020.The substances that have not been nominated to the Russian Inventory can still be nominated through the "Exceptional" notification procedure.

The "Exceptional" notification procedure is applied to substances that are not present in the Russian Inventory but have been present on the Russian market before the TR 041 enforcement (2nd June 2021). In addition to the basic information on substance (listed below), a document that can prove the presence of the substance on the Russian market before the enforcement of TR041 is required.

There is yet no official information on the details regarding the "exceptional" notification, but GPC will keep you updated.

Basic information for nominating a substance:

  • CAS number
  • EU number
  • RTECS number
  • IUPAC name in English and Russian (if possible)
  • Molecular & Structural formula
  • Purpose of use
  • Expected import quantity in tons per annum

GPC can provide you with complementary verification on whether you need to notify your substances to the Russian inventory. Please submit your CAS details here and we will get back to you with a complimentary assessment report.

Representative Service (OR/AR)

Representation Services offered by GPC includes Only Representative, Authorized Representative, Third Party Representative, and Responsible Person. GPC is one of the largest Representation Service Providers and it provides cost-effective Representation Services to over 900 companies from over 27 countries and represents over 8000 substances.