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GPC - Global Product Compliance

Understanding Chile's Chemical Regulation: Classification Labelling and Notification of Chemical Substances

February 23 11:30-12:30 CET/16:00-17:00 IST

Chemical regulatory policies are developing rapidly throughout Latin America. In 2017, Chile published the National Chemical Safety Policy action plan 2017-2022. In 2021, it is the first country in Latin America to implement a comprehensive chemical regulation. An official gazette was published on February 2021. This webinar focuses on Decree 57, the legal document responsible for introducing the new chemical management on classification, labeling and notification of hazardous chemicals and mixtures in Chile.  


Topics to be covered: 

  • Background of Chemical Management in Chile  

  • Scope & Exceptions 

  • Hazard Classification 

  • Labeling 

  • SDS 

  • Notification 

  • Risk Assessment 

  • Implementation Deadlines 

  • Compliance Strategies