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Internship in Europe and Summer Interns 2024

Global Product Compliance (GPC) is seeking for a motivated trainee for the Regulatory Research with the expertise in chemical sector. GPC’s extensive experience in regulatory compliance services started with EU REACH but our large client base has motivated us to venture into every new regulation that has emerged over the past few years like Cosmetics Regulations (EU, India and the USA), Korea and Turkey REACH, and the regulations in the UK, Eurasia, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, China, US, Canada, Latin America etc.

We offer a range of sought-after internships for those interested in Regulatory Internship, Marketing Internship. Click the internship below to see further details.

"Diversification, Motivation and Enthusiasm", these are three words I would use to describe my time here at GPC. The experience has been compelling and fascinating. The skills and knowledge that I have gained will stay with me forever. A warm and friendly

Carl Hedelin

/ Summer Internship 2021

 A wonderful company with an amazing, diverse and creative work environment. GPC made my internship a very enjoyable one where I experienced a great deal of growth and development.

Titilope Oladiran

/ Summer Internship 2021

 I’d recommend GPC to everyone that wants to improve themselves with regard to understanding regulation and work in such a friendly environment

Guilherme Vilhena

/ Summer Internship 2021

Whether your academic background is legal, business, engineering or others, don’t let the words “chemical regulatory compliance” scare you. Here you’ll learn everything there is to know on the topic, and you’ll develop some great skills which will follow

Guillaume Ehrhard

/ Summer Internship 2021

Regardless of your educational background, as long as you are interested in compliance work, you will learn all you need with the GPC Intern program.

Zhengmin Li

/ Summer Internship 2021

GPC Summer Internship 2021