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  • When there is no matching result, or the substance is only marked on the “OECD HPV chemicals”, it is considered “Non-phase-in substance” (“OECD HPV chemicals” means chemical substances that are globally manufactured or imported over 1,000 tons.)
  • Please note that the information on salts of toxic substance or heavy metal compound may not be found at this search. In this case, it is recommended to contact GPC ( for understanding accurate regulatory information.
  • When the substance you search is a “hydrate” and other substance except the hydrate is listed as phase-in substance, the substance you search is not deemed as non-phase-in substance (pre-registration obligation apply) .
  • “Hydrate” of phase-in substance subject to registration is also deemed as phase-in substance subject to registration (Pre-registration obligation apply).
  • This search is to facilitate an initial screening and estimation, in any case when you contact us  ( with your list of substances for K-Reach compliance we do a analysis and provide you with inputs for your approval and then we would proceed for the relevant compliance activity under the K-REACH.
  • The information on this web site is intended to be useful and informative as a reference for those preparing registration of chemical substance and other stakeholders. This web site, its operator (GPC Korea) shall not be liable for any losses or damage of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on the information contained within this web site.