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UN body discusses new global framework for the sound management of chemicals

Aug-30-2022 International initiatives Public policy Risk management

The United Nation’s Environment Programme (UNEP) intersessional process on the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) and the sound management of chemicals and waste beyond...

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European Union and UN in a clash about the new GHS hazard classes

Aug-23-2022 Animal testing CLP GHS

Under the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) plan (2020) the EU outlined a renewal of the UN Globally Harmonized System (GHS)chemical hazard classes for endocrine disruption and persistence....

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UN Sub-Committee clarifies data-sharing rules for transport of electric batteries

Aug-24-2022 Conformity assessment Product testing

In its recently held 60th session, the United Nations (UN) Sub-Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods adopted proposed amendments to the UN Model Regulations on the Transport of Dang...

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European Commission extends consultation on the presence of cobalt in toys

Aug-23-2022 Alternatives assessment & substitution Children's products CMRs Human health exposure

The European Commission is extending an ongoing consultation by the Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) on the presence of cobalt in toys until September 8, 2022....

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European Commission consults on safety standards for children’s products

Aug-12-2022 Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability Children's products Hazardous chemicals

The European Commission opened, on 5 August 2022, a consultation on the safety requirements to be met by standards applying to several categories of children products.  The draft Commission Deci...

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Change in the dossier evaluation process regarding tonnage bands

Aug-07-2022 Chemical notification/ registration ECHA EU REACH

Companies that downgrade the tonnage band in their registrations after ECHA’s draft decision will need to prove the volume of their substance.     ECHA has updated the rules on tonnage bands ...

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European Commission unveils monitoring framework for progress on environmental goals

Jul-29-2022 Circular economy ECHA

On 26 July, 2022, the European Commission presented its monitoring framework for the EU’s eighth Environment Action Programme (EAP), which will apply up to December 2030. EU environment action progr...

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