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Turkey - News

Ministry of Health Publishes a Draft Regulation on Amending Turkish Biocidal Product Regulation

Aug-31-2021 Biocides human health exposure labelling product authorisation permitting or licensing

The Ministry of Health, Turkey published on their webiste the draft regulation on the amendment of Turkish Biocidal Product Regulation.  Current Biocidal regulation came into force on 31.12....

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Update of KKS System: Lead Registrant Appointment and Registration Fee calculation

Feb-15-2021 Pre-registration registration chemical framework

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in Turkey published an announcement about new functions added to the chemical registration system on February 15, 2021.  With the new change, t...

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Registration Phase Begins!

Jan-01-2021 kkdik KKDIK pre-registration deadline

The registration phase for Turkey REACH has kick-started by 1st of January 2021 as the deadline for pre-registration was passed. During the pre-registration phase, GPC has pre-registered around 32...

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Turkish CLP regulation (SEA) is updated

Dec-12-2020 CLP substance and mixture classification KKDIK

The amended SEA Regulation, the “Bylaw on Classification, Labeling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures” (the CLP regulation) in Turkey, was publ...

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KKS Tool Updated!

Nov-11-2020 KKDIK Pre-registration chemical industry

On November 11.2020, the chemical registration IT System of KKDIK (Turkey REACH) was updated. The updated system is more user-friendly and slightly different than the previous one in terms of usag...

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GPC Reaches New Milestone!

Oct-31-2020 Pre-registration KKDIK registration

Owing our experience and growth to the requests and guidance of our client base, we, Global Product Compliance have established our branch in Turkey on February 2020, as already known. Since then, ...

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Four years since Turkey Adapted Toy Regulation

Nov-01-2020 Turkey Lead children's products

The Turkish Toy Regulation has entered force on October 4th, 2016 and has been regulating the toy products since then with the purpose of defining methods and foundations of security and free circulat...

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