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Thailand launches survey on FCMs to help develop official guidelines

FCM Product registration/notification plastics

The Thai Ministry of Public Health launched a public survey to collect information on the Food Contact Materials (FCMs) currently on the market. According to Chemical Watch, the different types of materials survey covers are glass, ceramics, metal – tin plate, chromium tin-free steel, and aluminum. All of these are subdivided into coated and uncoated, paper – coated and uncoated, polymers – several varieties specified, multi-layer, other – polymer blends, copolymers, and other polymers and cellophane.

This survey also asks the persons using the FCM or users and also the manufacturers to submit the information regarding their products on the average thickness and density of the container, its shape and size, such as width, length, height or radius, product or food name, volume or weight of packed food, ingredient formula as shown on the label, annual domestic production volume, annual domestic import volume and storage and use conditions. The survey allows the authorities to know the status and standard of plastics on FCMs and provides feedbacks to its FCMs policies.