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Russia has now published the finalized version of the inventory!


Russia chemical inventory chemical notification/registration

Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade (Minpromtorg) has now published the finalized version of the inventory of chemical substances. The finalized version contains +80.000 substances notified to the Minpromtorg from December 2019 to August 2020. The inventory is published on the portal and is available for public review. In this online portal, it is possible to search substances via CAS number, EC number, or through IUPAC names and synonyms.

The Russian inventory and the national chemical inventories of other EAEU member states are expected to form one common EAEU inventory. A tentative date for the publication of national parts of the EAEU inventory is October 2021.  

Furthermore, a proposal has been sent to the EAEU Commission and circulated among member countries. The proposal aims to postpone the implementation date of TR 041 from 2nd June 2021 to 30th November 2022. So far, no clear decision has been announced. GPC will keep you and your company updated on any upcoming news regarding the TR 041.

Update: 2021-01-28