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SCC Published the Notification of First Activity and Annual Report


Annual declaration hazardous waste MEE Order 12

In late January, after a month of the implementation of the MEE Order.12, China’s Solid Chemical Waste Management Center (SCC) published the first notification of the first activity and annual report. This notification provides detailed the requirements outlined by the MEE Order 12. According to the notification, the following documents are required for submission.


First Activity Report

Annual Report

Scope of Notification

  1. Simplified and regular registration certificates obtained under MEE Order No.12.
  2. Regular registration certificates obtained under MEP Order No.7.
  1. Certificates specified with annual report obligation on certificate which obtained under MEE Order No.12.
  2. Certificates granted under Article 3 of MEP Order No.7.

Time Specification

Within 60 days after the first activity or the first time import and transfer to another processor. 

Before 30 April every year since the second year of obtaining the certificates.

Content Requirement

Actual implementation of first activity.

The actual implementation of producing, importation, emission, risk control and environmental management from last year.

Report Procedure  

  • Fill in relevant data
  • Print it in color and sign it
  • Scan it as PDF document
  • Upload it to the online registration system

(Note: no requirement for post the paper-based report with signature, but it is important to wait until the system shows that the report is successfully uploaded.)

Report Body and Place

Report to MEE.

Report at MEE Official website

(Note: the reporting channel is a new channel under MEE)


GPC is ready to assist companies in submitting First Activity and Annual Report to the MEE, and for further queries please contact us at

Update: 2021-02-20