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China updates the registration platform to allow the generation of QR codes for hazardous chemicals


Hazardous chemicals chemical notification/registration packaging labelling

On the 7th of September, 2021, the Chemical Registration Centre in China upgraded its hazardous chemical substance registration platform based on the module of ’Platform + Application’ mentioned in its 2021 working plan. The system was upgraded to enable companies generate Quick Response (QR) codes for hazardous chemicals.

This upgrade is meant to support the supervision of chemicals, create a better information system, and control hazardous chemicals. Therefore, the system now has a ‘one company, one product, one code’ for hazardous chemicals, and companies can now quickly generate QR codes for their hazardous chemicals.

Companies can either place their QR codes on the outer packaging and containers or on the

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). The new updated system has the following two achievements:  

  • The new platform has integrated certain functions for enterprise-end  

The functions integrated are safety data sheet registration, printing function for relevant documents, and regulation check.  

  • Guangdong was elected for a pilot test of the new system  

To identify the steadiness and reliability of this system, the Emergency Department of Guangdong Province cooperated with the Chemical Substances Registration Center to conduct a pilot. Since July 20, 2021, 1,329 companies have used the platform, which is 85.03% of the total chemical companies in Guangdong. The number of registered companies for hazardous chemicals has also increased from 229 to 495.

The use of the new system is not yet mandatory for all chemical producers, importers, and exporters. Chinese manufacturers and importers can use the new system while foreigners are required to facilitate Chinese importers with documents’ submission. However, it is predicted to become mandatorily promoted, and related regulations will be formulated in the near future.

Last Update: 2021-10-27