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Mexico Promotes Circular Economy Law 


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On November 17, the Mexican Senate unanimously approved the general terms for the new Circular Economy Law (Ley General de Economía Circular – LGEC ). The new legislation promotes improved waste management rules and advocates for recycling techniques and protection arrangements for collectors.  

Summarily, the main points of the new regulation are:  

  •  It refers to all types of waste and promotes efficient use of resources, relying primarily on product redesigning to lower waste generation - “zero waste policy”  
  •  It establishes a guideline for the municipality, state, and federation to achieve a circular economy plan.  
  •  It imposes on manufacturers, processors, producers, and distributors of electro and electronic appliances to elaborate a waste management plan.

 In addition, the importance and contribution from informal collectors are duly recognized and a program to promote human rights for the category is being planned.  

The Circular Economy bill is currently under the Chamber of Deputies' consideration. 


Last Update: 2021-11-30