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Taiwan: Deadline for Standard Registration extends to 5 years


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On November 23rd, 2021, Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Agency amended the Regulations of New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration and extended the submission of 106 PECs to 5 years. Considering the impacts of COVID on the industry, companies will need extra effort and time for supply chain communication. Taiwan’s EPA then decided to extend the submission deadline for Standard Registration of all tonnages to 5 years. Standard Registration is applicable to 106 Priority Existing Chemicals (PECs) and the list remains the same.

In the draft amendment published on May 27th, EPA mentioned that registrants are encouraged to use non-animal testing alternatives with reduced fee incentives. This suggestion was postponed in the latest amendment by EPA due to the extra resource that will be needed for data review and supply chain communication.  

For the substances that initially had submission deadline within 3 years, the updated deadline would now be 2024.


Last update: 2021-12-21