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Acceptance of VOC regulations for consumer goods in Canada


Solvent/VOC emissions import/export restrictions Personal care.

Canada has embraced Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) directions for certain customer and commercial products, setting up the most extreme concentration limits in around 130 item categories.

Published in the Canada Journal this month, the Volatile Organic Compound Concentration Limits for Certain Items Controls will boycott the manufacture and import of products with VOCs exceeding their category-specific limits unless a permit is obtained, in an effort to diminish the arrangement of ground-level ozone.

Product types covered by them include certain:  

  • automotive and household maintenance products;  
  • adhesives, adhesive removers, sealants and caulks;
  • personal care products;  
  • other miscellaneous products.  

The VOC concentration limits will take impact on 1 January 2024 for all item categories. However, disinfectants have an extra year to comply. The regulations require manufacturers and importers of regulated products to keep certain records for at least five years, and to set out three alternative compliance options "to provide flexibility". 


Last Update: 2022-01-26