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KKDIK 2022 fees are published


Chemical notification/registration KKDIK pre-registration

The directorate of the Revolving Fund of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has published the 2022 KKDİK fee on its website.

Compared to 2021, the fees have increased by 20%. In 2021, the joint submission fee was lesser than individual submission. The registration fee currently varies from 60 TL/€4  (for SME companies that jointly register 1-10 tonnage) to 18,000 TL/€ 1167 (for large size companies that individually register 1000+ tonnage substance) depending on tonnage band, the size of the company, and whether it is a joint or individual submission. This indicates the importance of joint registration for companies.

If you haven't pre-registered your substances yet, kindly do, so you can be part of SIEF and also to participate in joint registration.


Last Update: 2022-01-18