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South Korea distributes a guide for serious civic accidents caused by raw materials under SAPA


K-REACH Regulatory update Major accident hazard & risk

The Ministry of Environment (MoE) in South Korea published and distributed a guide to serious civic accidents caused by raw materials and products under the Serious Accidents Punishment Act (SAPA).

The SAPA regulates the punishment of business owners, chief executives, public officials, and corporations who cause casualties by violating their duty to take safety and health measures while operating business or workplace, public facilities, and public transportation, or handling raw materials or products harmful to the human body. This is to prevent serious accidents and protect citizens and workers.

The guideline is to help companies understand and support the establishment of a safety and health management system on serious civic accidents caused by raw materials and products. It includes an overview of the SAPA, the definition of raw materials and products, and the duty of chief executives to establish safety and health management systems, secure safety and health, among others. The guide can be accessed here.


Last Update: 2022-01-28