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BIS extends the implementation date of Acetic acid Menthanol Aniline and Morpholine


India BIS Product registration/notification

On January 31, 2022, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) released a Gazette notification for Extension in the Implementation date of Chemicals under mandatory certification Scheme I. The chemicals with extended implementation dates are Acetic acid, Methanol, Aniline, and Morpholine. For Acetic acid, Methanol, and Aniline, the implementation date extends from January 2022 to August 3,  2022. Whereas, for Morpholine, it is extended till August 1, 2022.

Before the deadlines, manufacturers/importers should get their products registered with BIS by getting a BIS registration certificate. After the deadline, products without the BIS registration mark cannot be brought to the Indian market for sale. If companies miss the deadlines, they should contact and apply as soon as possible.

 Chemical Name

India Standards

Extended Deadline

Acetic acid

IS 695: 1986

August 3, 2022


IS 517:1986

August 3, 2022


IS 2833:2019

August 3, 2022


IS 12084: 2018

August 1, 2022

GPC has BIS-related services and can help you (end-to-end) in getting a BIS registration certificate for your product. 

Gazette notification for Extension