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Brazil issues decree to regulate the National Waste Policy


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On January 12, 2022, the Brazilian government issued a Regulatory Decree for the National Waste Policy, officialized and published by Law 12.305 on August 2010. The Regulatory Decree 10.936 does not repeal the existing version; instead, it ratifies and details the legislation's applicability.

The new Decree has an embracing scope whereby manufacturers, importers, distributors, traders, and consumers must observe the correctly packaging, segregation, and final destination of generated residues. It includes, for example, a segregation collection system and the reverse logistics plan.

Another important aspect is the inclusion of collectors’ cooperatives and associations of reusable and recyclable materials, which play a relevant role throughout the national territory. Finally, the National Registry of Hazard Operators and the National Information System for Waste Management is created to keep records, collect information, publish reports, and track performance goals.

It is recommended that all interested parties scrutinize the new Decree to ensure a safe and proper operation.

Last Update: 2022-02-11