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China launches NRCC an online hazardous chemicals registration platform


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On the 16th of January 2022, China’s Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) launched a new online platform for the registration of hazardous chemicals. The previous system launched in 2020 was closed on January 28, after which the new Hazardous Chemicals Registration Comprehensive Service Platform became operational.

This new platform solves the fear foreign companies once had about over-sharing their confidential business information, as this site helps secure such information. The new platform is referred to as National Registration Centre for Chemicals (NRCC).

With the new system, foreign companies can decide to either appoint a domestic agent or entrust the process to a third party so that confidentiality can be achieved. Before now, the only available option was the appointment of an agent which companies were wary of disclosing sensitive information to them.

Furthermore, Bryan Zhou says the foreign companies can meet registration obligations by working with the local importers of their substance. They can also appoint these local importers as their agents in China.

Therefore, there are lots of options that come with the new online platform. However, all options still require disclosure of information, some less than others.