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Canada removes 602 substances from its food and drug list


Canada CEPA (Canada) Chemical industry Regulatory update

The Health Canada’s revised in-commerce list (R-ICL) of chemicals used in food, drugs, and cosmetics no longer includes 602 substances that are not commercially active. These substances are therefore not subject to notification under the Food and drug Act (F&DA).

The R-ICL is a list of substances used in products introduced into commerce between 1 January 1987 and 13 September 2001. Substances listed under the New Substance Notification Regulation (NSNR) are not subject to notification requirements for F&DA-related uses.

As proposed in October, the government aimed to remove 544 substances produced or imported in quantities less than 100 kilograms yearly. It also aimed to delist 125 pharmaceutical ingredients that were discontinued or never marketed.

In an announcement on 18 February, the government said that it was removing all 125 pharmaceutical ingredients and all 477 substances below the 100kg annual threshold.

67 chemicals were not removed at this time, according to Health Canada, "because they were identified as potentially having commercial activity in Canada." However, removed substances can re-enter the Canadian market through the NSNR, which come under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA).