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France proposes a new harmonized CLH registry

2022-06-03 Reference source : ECHA

Human health exposure Labelling Substance & mixture classification

According to ECHA, France submitted a new Harmonised Classification and Labelling (CLH) registry proposal of fluoroethylene (EC 200-832-6, CAS 75-02-5) in May 2022. The dossier to this intention registry has been submitted and it is under accordance check.

Fluoroethylene, also called vinyl fluoride, is classified as an International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Group 2A carcinogen, meaning that exposure to this substance is likely to cause cancer in humans. This colourless, chemically-stable gas is used as the starting material in making polyvinyl fluoride, a plastic used in films for weather-resistant coatings of structural materials.

Individuals who use this substance should look forward to further updates on it.

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