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GPC - Global Product Compliance

India’s Draft Chemicals (Management and Safety) Rules : Know your compliance obligations and start preparing

October 25, 2021 11:00 (CEST); 15:00 (IST)

The 5th draft of the Chemical (Management and Safety) Rules (CMSR) was released by India on Aug. 24th, 2020. The draft, also known as India REACH, is expected to come into force on its publication date in the Official Gazette same as when it will be notified to the WTO this year. The CMSR will regulate Substances, Substances in Mixture, Substances in Articles, and Intermediates that are manufactured imported, or placed in the Indian Territory above 1 tonne per year. 

Indian manufacturers, importers, and Authorized Representatives (AR) with an Indian legal entity can comply with the CMSR by submitting the notification, registration, and complying with other regulatory obligations. For foreign entities, it is important to appoint an AR to fulfil their compliance obligations. 

In addition to the upcoming CMSR, enterprises shall also pay attention to their obligation on BIS Certification. 

As the largest chemical compliance provider in India, GPC has been the expert on regulations like EU-REACH to the Indian ministry of commerce and industry. 
As the only non-governmental organization that is part of the technical committee of the Ministry of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Government of India, which is responsible for the CMSR, GPC has been actively involved in the process of drafting and finalizing the CMSR since 2010. This makes GPC the most comprehensive service provider in CMSR across the globe. 

We profoundly invite companies to join us to learn more about: 
•    Overview of CMSR and timeline for implementation 
•    Required information for substance notification and registration 
•    Foreign Manufacturers’ obligations and role of Authorized Representative (AR)
•    Fee structure 
•    Chemicals regulated under BIS and procedure for applying BIS certificates
•    Compliance Strategies  

Speaker: Mr. Shisher Kumra, Executive Director, GPC 
Panelist: Dr. Jayachandran Nair. CEO, GPC India