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GPC - Global Product Compliance

PCN Notification and its implication on SDS in EU and UK

March 24 2022 10:30-11:30 CET

All mixtures placed into European Union (EU) market after 1st January 2021 needs to comply with Article 45 and Annex VIII (Commission Regulation (EU) No 2017/542) to the CLP Regulation which requires them to do the notification at the authority portal which is also called as Poison Centre Notification (PCN) and it also includes generating the Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) which needs to be placed on the labels of the mixtures while placing it into the EU market.  


The obligation applies to mixtures placed on the market that are classified for human health or physical hazards. The obligation to submit information does not apply to mixtures considered hazardous only due to environmental hazards. 


In UK, from 1 January 2021, the European Union (EU) Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Chemical Substances and Mixtures (CLP) Regulation was replaced in Great Britain (GB) by the GB CLP Regulation. On 6 January 2022, the UK Government has laid out a voluntary scheme for PCN.  


In this webinar, GPC will cover:  

- Introduction to EU PCN notification

- Voluntary scheme of PCN in UK

- Implications of PCN on SDS

- How to decide on classification of mixtures in SDS 

- How to make the SDS in UNGHS format along with complying with PCN requirements