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GPC - Global Product Compliance

Latest 2022 Updates of the Indian Chemical Management and Safety Rules CMSR

March 22 2022 10:30-11:30 CET/15:00-16:00 IST

Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability Priority substances Product registration/ notification Registration

As you may know, the 5th Draft of the Indian Chemicals Management and Safety Rules (CMSR) is in circulation. It is expected that Indian CMSR will come into force this year and will require notification (with additional data requirements) of all substances and full registration of approximately 750 ‘priority’ substances within 18 months after the rules coming come into force. Given a relatively short timeline, preparation for timely compliance with CMSR is highly recommended. This time we will go through the latest updates and information available regarding the timeline and projected enforcement of ICMSR.

Main Content of this webinar:
• Overview of CMSR and timeline for implementation
• Required information for substance notification and registration
• Overlaps and scope issues of the CMSR with other regulations in India
• Compliance Strategies