GHS Report

Eco Toxicologist

Role Title : Eco Toxicologist
Location : Nagpur, India
Scope :

Must be M.Sc (or equivalent) in Toxicology, Ecotoxicology, Environmental Science, Fisheries / Zoology.

Qualification :

Must be PhD M.Sc (or equivalent)  in Toxicology, Ecotoxicology, Environmental Science, Fisheries / Zoology. 

Hands-on with Biodegradability, cell biology, handling of fish studies & culture and algal studies would be an advantage

Desired profile of the candidate :

Experience in studies relating to (all or any) fish, algae and Daphnia would be an advantage; biodegradability related knowledge and experience.

Job Description / Responsibilities :

The work involves Desktop research and analysis of technical literature and review and summarization of scientific literature and pre-clinical study reports; interpretation and application of existing information & data on chemicals, and summarize them, so as to comply with requirements of various regulatory requirements. Also the person needs to coordinate with the lab, do study monitoring and also review the report.