GHS Report

Scientific Officer Environmental Fate

Role Title : Scientific Officer Environmental Fate
Reports to Role (Title) : Regulatory Manager Science
Location : Pune, India
Scope :

To provide expert services in the area of environmental fate to customers of the agrochemical and related industry


To provide expert service in the area of environmental fate to customers of the agrochemical and related industry.


  1. Design, monitor and summarize environmental fate studies according to OECD dossier requirements or other formats required for product registration.
  2. Gathering substance details from studies, setting up models, running simulations as per regulatory requirements.
  3. Conduct environmental fate risk assessments based on regulatory requirements.
  4. To run soil and water kinetic evaluations
  5. To become an expert in standard regulatory models like, FOCUS PEARL, PELMO, SWASH, SWAN, PRZM, MACRO, CAKE and TOXSWA.
  6. Work as an effective team member and provide responsive support to the group on all matters pertaining to environmental fate.
  7. Provide solutions suitable for resolving issues to full customer satisfaction.
  8. Maintain and develop personal capabilities and expertise to become a creditable expert in the view of peers.
  9. To provide assistance in the area of environmental fate and related field to the team in the agrochemical and related industry projects.


Critical Knowledge:

  • Graduate/Master Degree in Environmental Engg
  • Solid knowledge of mechanisms involved in degradation of chemicals in the environment.
  • Basic knowledge in organic chemistry
  • Good with mathematical
  • Good knowledge of modeling tools (FOCUS models) that simulate the behavior of chemicals
  • Reasonable verbal and written skills

Critical Skills:

  • Good communication skills across international dimensions
  • Capable of good judgment in self-managing and resolving technical issues
  • Analytical thinking
  • Results orientation
  • Project management skills

Critical Experience:

  • Solid background in environmental sciences or related science areas.
  • Proven ability to maintain effective communication and working relationships with team members and customers.

Critical Behavior:

  • Build trust and confidence in international customers
  • Prove to be perceptive in realizing issues
  • Able to structure and simplify complex data and information
Customer focusShe/he seeks to understand our customers
CommunicativeShe/he delivers clear messages to our customers
Team orientedShe/he collaborates effectively in the team
Results orientedShe/he aligns her/his actions and behavior to the business strategy