Regulatory Summary  

In Malaysia, chemicals are regulated by multiple ministries. Malaysia’s Environmentally Hazardous Substances Notification & Registration (EHSNR) Scheme started in 2009 as a voluntary scheme. The scheme encourages industries to submit registration and notification on a voluntary basis.  

Currently, EHSNR scheme remain a voluntary basis, it will become mandatory as soon as the draft regulations on EHS is gazette.  

Both importers and the manufacturers of EHS in Malaysia shall notify in the MyEHS System. This company shall have valid ROC company registration number in order to proceed for MyEHS System registration. 

Oversea manufacturers and supplies may apply for External Notification to avoid reveal the Confidential Business Information (CBI). Locally registered companies register their overseas suppliers in the system in case that the substances are classified as confidential by the overseas suppliers. This is only applicable to substances that require detailed notification. 

In April 2021, a new website named “MyEHS” ( ) was launched to replace the existing EHSNR system. This system allows users to register Environmentally Hazardous Substances (EHS) and search the list of registered substances, usage manuals, etc.



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