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Canada Regulatory News

Canada Consults on Pest Control Products Regulation

Apr-08-2022 Canada Pest Control Product Consulting Chemical industry Academic studies Air

Health Canada has recommended several changes to the pest control products regulation which would reduce the burden on administrative and regulatory laws. Recommended Changes include the following...

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Canada removes 602 substances from its food and drug list

Mar-25-2022 Canada CEPA (Canada) Chemical industry Regulatory update

The Health Canada’s revised in-commerce list (R-ICL) of chemicals used in food, drugs, and cosmetics no longer includes 602 substances that are not commercially active. These substances are theref...

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Canada recommends no regulatory action for 34 chemicals

Mar-24-2022 Canada CEPA (Canada) Chemical industry Regulatory update

The Canadian government has posted draft screening assessments for a batch of 34 chemical compounds, inclusive of lithium- and barium-containing substances. The government recommends that ...

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Canada consults for pesticide management

Mar-08-2022 Pesticides Canada Consultation

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), on 7 March 2022, proposes a maximum residue limit for Pyraziflumid (PMRL2022-02).  The proposed limit includes: MRL (ppm)1 Ra...

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Canada moves further to ban cosmetics testing on animals

Feb-23-2022 Animal testing Cosmetic Products Canada

In January 2022, Cosmetic Alliance (CA) and a representative from their allied stakeholder coalition met with Health Canada (HC) officials to discuss the ban of cosmetics testing on animals in Canad...

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Consultation: Canada deliberate on adding Competency Based Training for Dangerous Goods’ Transportation Rules

Jan-26-2022 Hazardous chemicals Chemical Industry Ecotoxicology

Transport Canada (TC) recently opened a discussion to revise Part 6 of the Transportation of Dangerous Products (TDG) and set new training requirements.  Published in the Canada Gazette Part 1 on...

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Acceptance of VOC regulations for consumer goods in Canada

Jan-26-2022 Solvent/VOC emissions import/export restrictions Personal care.

Canada has embraced Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) directions for certain customer and commercial products, setting up the most extreme concentration...

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