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Canada - News

Fee Change for New Substance Notifications in Canada

Apr-21-2021 Chemical notification CEPA Hazard assessment

As per Canada’s New Substances Fees Regulations, fees must be provided with each New Substance Notification (NSN) package submitted under the New Substance Notification Regulations (Che...

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Canadian Draft Guidance for Notification and Testing of New Substances

Apr-21-2021 Chemical notification CEPA Test methods.

Under the New Substance Program, Environment and Climate Canada and Health Canada are responsible for administering the New Substances Notification Regulations (Chemicals and Polymers) a...

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Canadian Government plans order adding ‘plastic manufactured items’ to Schedule One of Cepa

Oct-30-2020 Hazardous waste CEPA Single-use plastics directive

Canada is one of the countries that take action on plastic waste and pollution. On October 10th 2020 the Canadian government plans to propose an order to add "plastic manufactured items" to Schedule O...

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