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Companies can receive registration completion code after submitting the first even information items

Aug-12-2020 Standard Registration

In June, Taiwan’s EPA published official guidance on how to prepare a standard registration dossier for the first list of 106 Priority Existing Substances (PECs). Companies are required to submi...

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More options of laboratories to conduct tests for Standard Registration in Taiwan: An Interview with Chemical Watch with our Regulatory Manager on considerations of GLP Certification

Jul-24-2020 Taiwan TCCSCA

Previously, testing labs were all required to adhere to OECD guidelines or be ISO certified, but the guidance does not mention if universities and colleges need to follow those standards," said C...

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Delay of the Second batch of PECs list for Standard Registration for Taiwan’s TCCSCA: An Interview with Chemical Watch with our Regulatory Manager


My understanding from speaking with the Toxic and Chemical Substance Bureau is that the EPA’s plan to delay the Pecs deadline is partly due to the pandemic. But it is also because Taiwanese ente...

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Taiwan's EPA published Guidance on Existing Chemical Substances Standard Registration (1st version)

Jun-20-2020 TCCSCA chemical notification/registration

According to Taiwan’s Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substance Control Act (TCCSCA), new and existing substances must be registered in Taiwan. The first batch of 106 PECs was published on 11 March...

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Manufacturers, Importers and non-Taiwanese Manufacturer to submit annual Report prior to 30th Sep. 2020

Feb-20-2020 Annual declaration chemical notification/registration third party representative

On March 11, 2019, Taiwan’s EPA published the amended regulation on New and Existing Chemical Substances, specifying Standard Registration for 106 existing chemical substances. From 1 January 20...

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