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Taiwan Regulatory News

Taiwan plans to ban PVC in Plate Packaging Materials from November 2022

Jan-10-2022 Taiwan TCCSCA Regulatory update

On November 15th, 2021, Taiwan’s EPA published a draft regulation that would restrict the production, import, and sale of flat packaging materials containing polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The draft ...

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Taiwan: Deadline for Standard Registration extends to 5 years

Dec-21-2021 Animal testing safer alternatives chemical notification/registration

On November 23rd, 2021, Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Agency amended the Regulations of New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration and extended the submission of 106 PECs to 5 years. ...

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Taiwan: Deadline for Standard Registration of 106 PECs proposed to be postponed to 2023

May-28-2021 Taiwan TCCSCA Chemical notification/registration

On May 27 Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) proposed an amendment to the Regulation on New and Existing Chemical Substances. The regulation was first published in 2014 a...

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Taiwan’s EPA modified Chemical Registration Fee

Apr-08-2021 Chemical notification/registration simplified registration CBI

Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has published the modification of the fee structure for chemical registration on April 7, 2021. In response to the international trend ...

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Update of the list of Prohibited ingredients in Cosmetic Product

Feb-11-2021 permitted or restricted actives cosmetic products compliance strategy

The Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan circulated a list of Prohibited ingredients in Cosmetic Products on 3 December 2020. After 60 days of publication consultation, the list is now expecte...

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Taiwan’s EPA extended the deadline for Standard Registration regardless of tonnage to 2022

Dec-11-2020 Chemical notification/registration technical dossier hazard assessment

The EPA showed its intention to grant the extension of the deadline for Standard Registration of 106 PECs as chemical manufacturing and import associations in Taiwan raised their concerns over the...

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Taiwan’s EPA encourages companies to prepare their PEC Registration now

Nov-27-2020 Alternatives to testing technical dossier

According to the amended Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substance Control Act, Taiwan’s EPA has to regularly review its fee scheme. According to the proposed revision on “the Toxic Ch...

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