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Brazil Regulatory News

Brazil National Chemical Inventory: A Milestone in Chemical Management

Sep-27-2023 Chemical inventory Latin America Regulatory Updates Inventory

Brazil has taken another big step in modernizing its chemical management regulations with the approval of the National Chemical Inventory Bill, PL 6120/2019. After years of rigorous evaluation and rev...

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Incorporating Cutting-Edge Technologies Into Biological Pesticides Registration in Brazil

Sep-26-2023 Biocides Latin America Pesticides

Brazil's regulatory landscape has embraced recent technological advancements in the registration of microbiological products. The SDA/Mapa - Ibama - Anvisa Joint Ordinance No. 1/2023, a recent pub...

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Revised Active Ingredient Lists for Cleaners and Wood Preservatives in Brazil

Sep-20-2023 South America Latin America Pesticides

Brazil's National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) has recently made revisions to its roster of approved active ingredients found in pesticides, sanitizing disinfectants, and wood preservatives...

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Brazil's ANVISA has recently introduced revisions to the registration criteria for bleach sanitizing products

Sep-11-2023 Hazardous chemicals Latin America

Published on September 1st, Resolution RDC No 813/2023 supersedes the previous May 2022 resolution, RDC No 698/2022. While a significant portion of the 2022 requirements remains intact, this new regul...

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Brazil Revives the National Commission on Chemical Safety: A Significant Boost for Chemical Regulation

Sep-08-2023 Chemical inventory Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability Chemical Framework South America Latin America

Brazil is set to make significant strides in its chemical regulatory landscape with the reinstatement of the National Commission on Chemical Safety (CONASQ). This move, initiated by President Lula'...

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Brazil Proposes Regulations in Food Additives

Sep-06-2023 Chemical contaminants Latin America

Brazil's health regulatory agency, ANVISA recently announced a proposal to amend Resolution RDC 778/2023, which governs food additives and adjuvants in food technology. This proposed resolution s...

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Brazil's Strides Towards Regulating PFAS: Uncovering New Regulatory Initiatives

Aug-31-2023 PFAS Latin America

Brazil has taken substantial strides towards regulating per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The introduction of Brazil's National PFAS Control Policy Bill No. 2726/2023 in the Chamber of D...

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