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Updates on Eurasia REACH implementation.


Eurasia REACH safer alternatives Substance & mixture classification

The Eurasian Economic Commission has published an updated draft of the 2nd tier of Eurasian Technical Regulation TR 041/2017 on “Safety of Chemical Products” (Eurasia REACH). The draft is available for public discussion until the 1st of April 2021.

The 2nd tier of the regulation contains detailed information on the procedure of formation and maintenance of the register of chemical substances and the procedure of notification of new chemicals.

The reason for the delay of regulation’s 2nd tier adaptation and recent publication of an updated draft was due to the changes in Appendix No. 7, “Procedure for the formation and maintenance of the register”.  Appendix No. 7 contains a list of chemicals classified as carcinogens, mutagens, and reprotoxicants of hazard classes 1 and 2. This appendix was developed to facilitate the hazard classification procedure for industry representatives but created disagreement which resulted in a considerable delay in the adaptation of the entire regulation.

The TR 041 regulation was initially expected to enter into force 2nd of June 2021, however, the date will most likely be postponed. The new date of regulation’s entry into force depends on the date of entry into force of the 2nd tier documents.


The draft of the 2nd tier documents is available here (in Russian). 

Update: 2021-02-18