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Canadian Government Proposes Limited Use of Phosphonic Acid in Cosmetic Products


CEPA Ecotoxicology Cosmetic products

Canada’s health and environment ministries have urged the conditions on the use of phosphonic acid, P,P′-(1-hydroxydodecylidene)bis-, allowing the limited amounts of the anti-adhesive to be used in certain cosmetic products. Since the substance is toxic or capable of becoming toxic under the section 64 criteria of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) 

The ministerial conditions permit the informing entity to only use the substance to manufacture the following cosmetics at a concentration of 0.4% by weight or less: 

  1. leave-on hair styling products; 
  2. leave-on makeup; and 
  3. rinse-off cosmetics. 

Importation is also allowed, if the substance is present in any of the three cosmetic product categories at a concentration of 0.4% by weight or less.