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Australia consults on the safety standards for children’s toys


Children's products safer alternatives

Australia Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) reviews the voluntary Australian standard and proposes a new compulsory safety standard on February 25, 2022. This new rule mandates suppliers’ compliance to the newest standard called Australia/New Zealand Standard on safety aspects related to mechanical and physical properties.

Furthermore, ACCC proposes that suppliers should comply with any of these overseas voluntary standards:

1.       International Standard on safety aspects related to mechanical and physical properties

2.       European Standard on mechanical and physical properties

3.       American Standard on standard consumer safety specification for toy safety

The proposed change is not to amend any rule in the voluntary standard but to ensure compliance with the existing rules compulsory for suppliers. The final comment date for this proposal is April 29, 2022, while the proposed date of entry will be a transitional period of 18 months for suppliers to adopt the new requirements.